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Welcome to the submission portal for youth teaching artists at Hugo House. Please read the descriptions of youth programs on our website to familiarize yourself before applying as a teaching artist with us.

We are currently hiring teaching artists for youth classes, field trip workshops, and youth writing circles.

Youth Classes

  • Targeted towards youth in grades 5th-12th. Specific grade ranges for your class should be narrower. 
  • Classes will be focused toward writing genres of your choosing. Feel free to be creative!
  • Classes take place within a quarter: Fall (September-December), Winter (January-March), or Spring (April-June).
  • Class sessions will be scheduled for 90 minute increments on weekdays or weekends, depending on your schedule and Hugo House Zoom room availability.
  • Generally, class enrollment is set at a maximum of fifteen and a minimum of five students. If fewer than five students register for a class, it may be cancelled.
  • Pay rate for classes is $180 per 90-minute class session.
  • All classes are held via Hugo House Zoom classrooms. 

Field Trip Workshops

  • For school groups in grades 6th-12th.
  • Schools request a one-hour workshop with a teaching artist for a specified genre on specific dates. Field trips take place during regular school hours.
  • Schools pay $100, which is paid directly to the teaching artist. Hugo House offers scholarships for schools that can't pay the full $100 teaching artist fee.
  • Group sizes may be up to 20 students, with a teacher from the school also present and available for classroom management.
  • All field trips are held via Hugo House Zoom classrooms.

Youth Writing Circles

  • We offer two weekly drop-in writing circles: Write Time for teens ages 13-19 and Kids Write-In for students in elementary school.
  • Teaching artists commit to leading a writing circle throughout the quarter they are applying to teach for. (Ex: if you apply to teach Write Time for Spring quarter, you are committing to teach every Write Time session in Spring quarter.)
  • Pay rate for writing circles is $100 per session.
  • Only teaching artists who have taught with our youth programs in the past year may apply to lead a writing circle.


  • True Crime for Teens: Teenage life is full of drama! Drawing from  personal experiences with baffling behaviors, untrustworthy characters, and local gossip, students will write suspenseful, mysterious stories for and about modern teenage life, reflecting on how these experiences shape their relationships with others and with themselves. For students in 9th-12th grade. Takeaways: Students will come away with an outline plotted for their own true crime story, detailed descriptions of their main characters, a scene that effectively uses dialog to move the plot forward, and tips to help students complete their stories moving forward!
  • I Write Myself: Who am I? What do I believe? What is my identity? Students will reflect on these questions, and others, as they read and write poetry to explore and express the many facets of their unique identities. For students in 7th-8th grade. Takeaways: Students will leave this class with 3-5 completed poems affirming and celebrating themselves while also skillfully utilizing poetic devices like repetition, metaphor, alliteration, etc.
  • The Hero's Journey: Throughout time and across cultures, hero stories have entertained our imaginations and reflected some of the best storytelling to be found, however, many of these stories portray outdated stereotypes about who is a hero and what makes a villain. In this class, students will analyze diverse hero stories to learn the formula and begin writing their own epic quest, filled with heroes, villains, and landscapes reflecting their own values about what it means to be a hero. For students in 5th-6th grade. Takeaways: Students will leave this class having built their own world for this journey, including characters, creatures, and all other elements to write their own heroic story.


When selecting classes and/or workshops, we are looking for a fit with our current curricular needs, including a balance of genre and age-level, skill-level required of the students, and the potential for the curriculum to also enhance students' social/emotional development. 

When hiring teaching artists, we consider a combination of prior teaching experience, publication history, active engagements in the literary/arts world, strength of teaching evaluations from either Hugo House or other institutions, and strength of the submitted teaching philosophy, including a teacher's ability to differentiate instruction, incorporate social/emotional learning, and teach to social justice themes.


In order to contract with Hugo House, teachers must submit a W9 and UBI number with their contract. Please contact youth@hugohouse.org with any questions or concerns regarding this process.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.